Friday, February 8, 2008


My sweet, angelic mother came over today and helped me clean and organize. We got a lot done, so I am feeling better. I was so crabby this morning due to the mess.
We hung curtains, she hemmed them. Got some stuff organized in the shed. Pretty dull day actually. The 2 big boys made "inventions"which are basically cake and used WAY more chocolae chips than they should have.
Leave it to my off-spring to find a loop-hole for their Lenten sacrifice. Sure, they haven't eaten any candy, but they sure are making "inventions" every day.
Hey, maybe one of them will be a chef when they grow up, and attribute it all to being given creative license in the kitchen as children. Now I just have to work on getting them to do a good job of cleaning up afterwards!
Tomorrow is boys' and girls' club, and we are all excited. It is always nice to see the other home schooling families.
Is home schooling one word or two? I see it so often both ways!

Have a great Friday!

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