Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Today was great, almost.

We started out wonderfully by getting some school work done as well as some planning for the abinet shelves I am putting in the kitchen. The children then played well together until we got ready to go to Mass at noon. The were pretty well behaved, until time for the ases. For some reason ds 4, freaked out. I picked him up as he was holding up the line, and the deacon put the ashes on his head while he was yelling and hitting me. Yeah, nice.
"You are dust and to dust you shall reurn"

Then we went to Costco, and got a lot of wierd looks, like "Why do you and your children have soot on your faces?" I did hear several people say, "Oh, it's Ash Wednesday" after seeing us.
We played at the park, then went to swim lessons, and Walmart. Well after walking though Walmart for a million hours(Does Walmart always feel like that to you too?) we were all cranky and tired, so things went downhill. We just had a hard time getting dinner done and to sleep, but it is now quiet. I am going to slap a coat of paint on the shelves, and go to sleep

Happy Lent!

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